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Where do you go from here?

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We always welcome to the conclusion of the secret so drawing video of course brought to you by the virtual instructor dot com. Now that you’ve completed the secrets to drawing video course you now have a strong understanding of the foundations of drawing including details on the elements and principles of art and specifics on a variety of drawing media and subjects. So what’s the next step. Where do you go to from here. Let’s remember that drawing is much like playing an instrument or playing a sport. Someone can show you how to play an instrument. Then after that you have to practice to get better at playing that instrument. The same thing is true for playing a sport. Someone can show you how to play a sport or certain skills associated with that sport. But then after that you have to practice to get better. The same thing is so true when it comes to drawing. The more that you practice anything the better you will get at it and the more you practice drawing the better you get at drawing. Don’t fall into the talent trap and believe that there is a certain level of drawing that you can get to the sky’s the limit. Some people believe that you have to have talent to draw or to draw well and I just don’t believe that that’s the truth. I believe that the more that you practice the better you’ll get at drawing. I’ve seen it over and over again with my students. Once you have the knowledge it’s simply all about practice. The more that you practice the better you get. I can’t emphasize that anymore. So I think you understand when I’m telling you it’s time to start practicing draw every chance that you get. Draw anything that you can. Whatever you do just draw and keep all your drawings to keep a sketch book so that you can chronicle your progress and see yourself getting better. Remember that just like with any type of exercise there may be moments of pain or frustration. But take heart because these are signs of growth. You are getting stronger when you experience these moments. So hang in there and just keep drawing. Love what you do and do it often. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video series as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you as

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