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An introduction to "The Secrets to Drawing" video series.

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Hello and welcome to the Virtu instructor Dotcom’s the secrets to drawing video course this first video is an introduction of what we’ll cover throughout this course. Hello my name is mad and I’m a visual arts instructor. I’ve been teaching my students for over 10 years and I love doing what I’m doing. I’m also an illustrator and have been commissioned to create all kinds of artwork. I love drawing and I love learning about drawing. But more importantly I love sharing what I’ve learned with other people. A few years ago I started the virtue instructor dot com as a way to house videos for my students who missed my class so they could catch up when they come back. But since then the site has grown and a lot of people have enjoyed learning from the Virtu instructor dotcom. But there is no real structure or order of how to watch the videos. Well now there is now. I’m not just recycling videos here. Instead I’m creating all brand new videos that follow a chronological order to help you become better at drawing. And I have been titled This course the secrets to drawing. It’s made up of 24 videos and I’m sure that at the end of this series you’re going to be better at drawing . I love drawing and I’ll draw just about anything that I can. But the things that I like to draw them to the things that are important to me. This is a drawing of my youngest daughter that I did several years ago. Often times however I get commissioned to do other types of drawings for example House portraits are really popular for me to do. Over the course of several years Ive learned and got better and better and better at drawing. And now I want to share with you everything Ive learned to help you get better at drawing as well. This complete drawing course will do a few things for you. First it will introduce artists to a variety of drawing concepts techniques and media. It will evaluate the importance of the elements of art and the creation of drawings. It will uncover the basic properties of drawing that have been considered the secrets to drawing. It will also help artists of all abilities improve their observation skills and enhance their drawing abilities. The secrets to drawing video course is made up of 24 videos. The first video is on line and the second video will move on to how artist you shape to create drawings in the third video we talk about creating the illusion of form on a two dimensional surface and the fourth video we talk about the importance of value and creating the illusion of a light source in video 5. We discussed space and how to create that illusion on a two dimensional surface. In video 6 we take a look at one point perspective. We can continue in video 7 by taking a look at two point perspective and end video. A We delve into a three point perspective. Video 9 takes a look at basic drawing techniques like hatching crosshatching stippling and blending video 10 will help you learn how to draw from life and learn how to look at objects so that you can put that information on your paper. Video 11 is about drawing from photographs. I’ll show you how you can take a photograph and make almost an exact copy of it in the form of a drawing video 12 will talk about composition and how video 13 will start talking about specific media. The first video is on Grafite video 14 we’ll take a look at charcoal invidia 15 will look at Pen and Ink video 16 will cover color and video 17 We’ll take a look at colored pencils in video 18. We’ll look at another drawing media oil pastels video 19 will continue with chalk pastels in video 20 we’ll start talking about portrait drawing in part 1 video 21 will continue the portrait drawing demonstration video 22. We’ll take a look at figure drawing in a video 23. We’ll take a look at foreshortening and how that affects the human figure in then in video 24 we’ll wrap it up with a conclusion so I hope you’re ready to get started. I know I am. So we’ll start with video one. We’ll begin talking about Lines

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