Drawing Hair

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Drawing Hair

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A look at drawing hair with graphite.

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Your is welcome to the 25th video in the secret so drawing video course brought to you by the virtue instructor dot com in this video we’re going to continue our look at the face and take a look at drawing the hair . Most people struggle with growing hair this is because they see the individual strands of hair get confused and don’t see the form of the hair in order to draw realistic hair. You must draw the form and let the value that you add create the illusion of texture. So that’s what we’re going to do in this demonstration of begun here by just drawing a shape of a face . And I’ve lightly outlined where my eyes nose and mouth. Common mistake people make is putting the hair right up against the top of the head. For most people this is not a case your hair actually lifts off the top of your hair. Or people with thicker here. This is accentuated more in this case. I’m drawing a female’s head of hair in this person’s hair comes off their head quite a bit for want to understand where they here. So we’ll draw an outline to indicate it lightly at this stage several lines as you make your marks. This will help you make looser marks which are more like real hair. Also need to determine how far down the front of the face the haircut is. We’ll do this by drawing a few lines just like we did the outline. Some people’s hair will end up close to the top of the head while others will extend beyond the eyes . Some parts of the hair may overlap parts that face he’s sure to be aware of this. Drawing your face in this stage of the drawing trying to figure out the shape of the hair once we’ve got the shape of the hair established it’s time to start looking at the light and dark areas . I’ll begin with the dark areas for most people the dark areas will be in the part of the hair if there is a part in the air and areas close to the sides of the face. This is because the less light is allowed in these areas usually it’s darker as you’re creating the shadow in the dark areas. Be mindful of the fact that there also needs to be some crowded areas areas where the light is greatest on the subject by combining the light in the dark areas create the illusion of form as you add your shading to the hair. Think about the directional lines that happen. These directional lines are called Cross contour lines. Be sure to add value that exists in the here and in the direction of the slides. This will help further the illusion of form and help create the illusion of texture . Work in the light and dark valleys and the contrast that exist between those two we can create the illusion of the texture of the hair. In fact the key to creating the illusion of texture lies in the contrast that’s produced by the value here in this close up we can see that contrast and see how the texture of the hair is starting to merge not to be too tight with the lines that you make. It’s OK to be loose . It may appear that I’m drawing every single strand of hair but I’m not I’m just concentrating on creating areas of value that I’m creating are there for the texture I’ll continue across the top of the hair continuing to make linear marks to create the texture of the hair. So continue to create the contrast between the values in order to further that texture . It’s important to notice where parts of the hair overlap or other parts of the hair you want to create the illusion of space there as well. So overlapping layers of hair on top of other layers. Create that illusion . Remember the light areas and the areas you leave are just as important as the areas that you add value to drawing realistic hair. Patience and it can be Tomkinson if you’re having a hard time seeing the areas where the hair gets dark hair gets lighter. You may try squinting at your reference for your subject. This will help you see the shapes of value so that you can be sure to include them in your hair on the edges of the hair. Be sure to let some stray hairs fly out in different directions. This will add to the realism . Here you can really see how layering chunks of hair can really create that illusion of depth in space . Now since I’ve done the majority of this drawing with a regular HB pencil it’s time to go back and make some areas a little bit darker with a softer graphite pencil. Here I am using pencil which is about equivalent to about a four B or six p pencil adding these darker values will help my contrast Pop a bit more and further the illusion of the texture of the hair . It doesn’t matter what color the hair is that you’re drawing. All hair will have a full range of value. So be sure to look for it when you’re doing your drawing. And now with a super sharp and hb pencil I’ll go back and accentuate some of her lines and add a few more . Drawing is complete if I can go back and create a contrast background to make the hair of here light in the next video in the drawing series. We’ll take a look at figure drawing

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