Facial Proportions

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Facial Proportions

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A look at basic facial proportions from the front and profile views. Concepts covered include general locations of facial features and placement relationships.

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Welcome to the 21st video in the secrets to drawing video course brought to you by the virtual instructor dot com in this video we’re going to start with portraiture and begin by taking a look at facial proportions . We’ll begin drawing a face from the front do you. I’m going to start this by drawing a circle. This circle where represent the cranium of the person that we are drawing draw lightly at the beginning stages. Next how observed the length of the person’s face. And I will draw a line down from the center of the circle that we drew. Now we’ll connect the edges of our circle with the bottom portion of the line that we just drew to represent the sides of the face. Since the lines we are drawing here are the jaw bone of the figure. We need to consider that women generally have a softer line here and men generally have a more angular line here. Now we need to decide where the eyes will be found on our head. The odds are generally found in the middle of the head so we can use the line that we drew from the top of the circle to the bottom of the chin to help us find our line . Once we’ve established where the ads will be placed we need to decide on the size of the eyes. For most people you can fit five eyes on the one from ear to ear. Remember that the ears extend out beyond the sides of the face a little bit on both sides. We can mark where our two should be found . Now we’ll take a moment and draw each one of the eyes. Remember that this video is about facial proportions. I won’t be spending a lot of time giving you instruction on how to draw each facial feature since we’ll be covering that in the next video . You can add the eyebrowed directly above the AH. It’s important to really observe your subject here because everyone’s eyebrow is different. Each highbrows a little bit of a different shape and has placed a little bit differently above each other. Now that we’ve defined our eyes it’s time to look at where our nose would be found. The nose is generally halfway between the eyes and the chin. So again we can use our original line in our eyeline to figure out where our nose should be placed. In addition for most people the inside corners of the eyes will line up with the outside edges of the nose. Again this is a generality and doesn’t apply to everyone . Now that we’ve added our eyes and our nose we can now move on to the mouth. Conveniently the mouth is almost halfway between the nose and the bottom of the chin. Also for most people the inside portions of the Auris of the generally line up with the corners of the mouth so we can again use our original line and this time our nose line and the bottom of the chin to help us find the position of the mouth. Again I’ll quickly draw the mouth here. Keeping in mind in our next video will look at each one of these features in depth now that we have our main facial features defined on our face we can move on to the ears the ears are found between the outline and the nose line. We can begin our ear on the outline and bring it up just slightly the bottom of the ear should line up with the bottom part of the nose. This again is a generalization as some people’s ears are larger and others are smaller. Once we have our ears defined we can bring lines down to indicate the neck. Next is time to define where the hair is going to be. I’ll begin with where the hairline is it’s going to drop down a bit from the very top of our head . Once the hairline is defined we can draw the outer portion of the hair. Notice that the hair comes off of the head quite a bit . I’ll add a bit of information about where certain areas get darker and other areas get lighter so that when I go back and add my value the task is easier now that I’ve got my lines define our race in each trademarks before I start to add shading. Now I can go in and add shading to the face to make the drawing look more realistic . I can also add value shading to the hair and take a closer look how this is done. Next Next let’s take a look at facial proportions from the profile of you or the side view. Here again I’ll start by drawing a circle to represent the cranium. This time I’ll bring a line down the side of the face. This line juts out before receding. I’ll bring the line in and then back up slightly. I’ll go ahead and add some indication of a neck . Let’s go ahead and decide where we’ll be found on our profile of you again the odds are generally found in the middle of the head . So using the line we just true will draw a line for the US. Next we’ll decide where the nose is. Again the nose is generally in the middle of the outline in the bottom of the chin . We can take a look at the contours of our photo reference or our model and draw the nose and the brow on in their proper positions . Next we can figure out where the mouth should be. Remember the mouth is almost halfway between the nose and the chin. Again it’s very important for us to pay attention to the contours that happen from the profile view everyone’s profile view is slightly different. So you really have to observe your subject here . Now I’ll go back and begin to draw the in the proper location. I had a few details to the nose and add an eyebrow . Now I had a few more lines to help to define the lips as well. Now let’s decide where our ears are going to be located. The ears are just past half way towards the back side of the head. Again this is a generalization . Now I can add value to the face and shading to help further the illusion . So what do we learn in this video. Well first and foremost we learn that facial proportions are merely estimates. There is no substitute for pure observational drawing. Keeping that in mind we also learned that generally the eyes are found in the middle of the head. We also learn that generally speaking the nose is found half way between the eyes and the bottom of the chin. We also learned that the mouth is almost halfway between the nose and the bottom of the chin. We learned that the corners of the eyes generally lined up with the edges of the nose. We also learned that the inside portions of the iris generally line up with the corners of the mouth and the next video will take a look at each one of these facial features and depth

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