Drawing the Ear

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Drawing the Ear

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A look at drawing the human ear with graphite.

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Work Welcome to the 24th video and the secret to drawing video course brought to you by the virtue instructor dot com. And this video we’re going to continue our look at drawing facial features by taking a look at how to draw the human ear for this demonstration. I’m going to be drawing a person’s left ear. That means if you’re looking at them from the front view it would be on the right side of their head . I began by drawing contour lines that I see in areas of contrast on the ear. First I’ll bring a line upward and curve over at the top and then slowly progress downward. This year will have a dangling low so it won’t be connected at the bottom like some people’s ears are . Once I’ve got the outside shape of the ear to find that I can begin to look at some of the details that exist inside of the ear. I’ll begin with the line that starts just underneath of the line that we started with. I’ll bring it up and then end it right before we get to the edge of the ear. Next I’ll go right underneath that line and continue my way downward. It’s important to pay close attention to the ear you’re using as a reference. Pay attention to how close this line gets to the edge of the year before we get to the bottom. You’ll notice that this line curls back upward. I’ll go back to where I started and bring a line down. It’s important to pay attention to where this piece of the ear starts it go to where the inside portion of the ear. Then I can finish off the connection between the bottom part of the lobe the inner part of that ear again. Pay close attention to the lines that exist here . Next second focus on the lines that happen on the inside portion of the ear. I’m defining these lines because I’m seeing a contrast in value in these areas. I’ll use these lines as a guide to moment when I begin to add value and shading to the inner part of the ear . Now that I’ve defined the areas that have a contrast in value I can begin adding the shading and developing those areas of contrast or build up smooth gradations of value by just the amount of pressure that I’ve put on a pencil . Remember as you add shading to the ear that any area that protrudes will be lighter in value all areas that received will be darker and light after have developed the range of value on the inside part of the ear. I work on the values that exist and outside of the as well at this point the drawing is time to make some of the values darker. I’ll switch over to my softer graphite pencil to make darker values in areas where appropriate. Doing this will increase the contrast between the values that make my drawing appear more three dimensional with just a few more touch ups. We’ve completed our drawing of the ear and the next video will continue by taking a look at drawing hair.

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