Drawing the Eye

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Drawing the Eye

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An in-depth look at drawing a human eye.

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Your welcome to the 20 second video and the secrets to drawing video course brought to you by the instructor dot com. And this video we’re going to take a deeper look at facial features beginning with the. So let’s get started. We’re going to be drawing a left ah. Which means if you’re looking at a person it would actually appear on the right side of their face. We’re going to begin with a line that goes outward and then slowly recedes downward. This is the top portion of the eyelid. Then we’re going to go right underneath that line make a little space for a tear dot and then we’re going to draw a line that makes up the bottom lid of the. This line is usually a little bit straighter and less curved but it will go up underneath the first line that way. Next we’ll draw the iris portion of the. For most people the iris portion is going to touch both the top eyelid and the bottom part of the eye . Remember that it is a complete circle. If it helps you to draw the circle so that it intersects and goes over both the top line and the bottom line that’s ok once we’ve got the iris defined we can start to think about the pupil again the pupil is a smaller circle inside of the iris. I’m going to be careful when I’m trying the outline for my pupil because typically the highlight that exist on the overlap the pupil so I’ll draw light lines to indicate the highlight that I’m seeing in my photo reference. It’s important to understand that although I am showing us step by step approach to drawing and there’s no real formula. However if you do follow this step by step process it will help you make decisions along the way . Once you’ve established all the contour lines in my drawing I can begin to darken in the people. I’m careful not to darken in the areas that are highlighted by pupil dark Indian I can begin to add value to the hirers portion of the hour. You should add this value by making marks that extend outward from the pupil. The iris features these types of lines for people with lighter colored eyes it’s easier to see these lines for people with dark colored eyes. It’s a little bit harder to see but they still exist . I’ll make those lines a little bit more interesting by adding some variety in the back then I’ll proceed onto the outer portion of the iris. For most people there is a Dark Reign that goes all way around the outside portion of the Iris again and the value using lines that point towards the center of the next creates a more texture coming outward from the center portion of the pupil. I’ll continue this texture all around the iris being sure to stay away from the highlighted areas on the creating this texture accurately will go a long way in making our look realistic and believable . Next we can create the illusion of form be a little bit further we need to remember that the ball is actually a sphere so it needs to be shaded in the same manner that we would change a sphere. So we’re going to add value in each of the corners of the eye . We will also need to add a bit of shading on the bottom portion of the eye as well because the eyelid overlaps the eyeball. There will be some cash shadow that exists on the ball so we will put a thin layer of shading underneath the Hollywood . Now just underneath the edge there is an area of highlight him without a reference. So I’m being sure to keep that area nice and clear. Now in a bit of value to the teardrop that exist on the inside portion of the eye here I’m starting to add value for shading around the outside portion of the eye. Now we’re ready to add a line to indicate the top portion of the island. In this case the line extends upward and outward just like the original line of the creature. For most people they’ll be a few extra lines that exist as well because it protrudes out there’ll be a lighter portion followed by a shadowed portion . Next I’ll begin to add some of the shading that exist on the bottom portion of the bottom portion of the dust protrude out a bit. This will create a lighter area of value followed by a darker shaded area and you add the value in the shading. I’m keeping in mind the texture of the skin a few wrinkles exist under the bottom portion of the eyes. Well since the eye itself exists in a hole in the skull there will be shading that happens around the Cicily and the top portion of the Quint’s have established a good amount of shade in the bottom portion of the I’m ready to move on in and the shadowed area around the top portion of the eye as we add shading in value around the. It’s important for us to consider how light affects the way we see things. We can create the illusion of items protruding by keeping them light in value we can make things look like they received by making them darker and value added value all the way around the eye we’re ready to move onto the eyelashes. This is what I call the check mark rule. It’s the way we’re going to go about adding the eyelashes to our drawing. I’ve divided into four quadrants quadrant. One two three and four in Quadrant one we’re going to make checkmarks that go down and up in Quadrant two down and up again in Quadrant three will make a line go upwards and then downwards and in Quadrant four we’ll make the line go upward and downward as well. Quadrant one will have the most abundant and the longest eyelashes quadrant to have the second most abundant and second longest eyelashes quadrant three will be the third most and then quarter four will have the least amount of eyelashes. So let’s get started with quadrant one. We’re going to make our marks go down and outward and up just like a checkmark. It’s important to have a really sharp pencil when you do this. It’s also important to make deliberate cuts marks as we move closer to the center portion of the checkmarks will become more centered and then as we move on to quadrant to protect hearts will go down and upward to the left. Now on to quadrant 3. Notice that the eyelashes start a bit away from the to make room for the piece of skin that exists between the eyeball and the eyelashes . Every once in a while that’s a good idea to make your eyelashes overlap. This will make them look more natural . Now we’re ready to define the eyebrow. The eyebrow typically exist right on top of the orbital cavity in which the exist in. I like to draw a shape from my eyebrow before I begin to draw all the individual hairs. Then when it’s time to draw the individual hairs I draw it in the direction that the hair grows. Starting from the base of the skin upward and outward . It’s easy to extend the width and height of the eyebrow if you draw them small to begin with. Draw them too large to begin with. It’s hard to fix them. It’s also a good idea to put a few stray Heeres around the outside edges of the eyebrow to make it look more realistic . But just a few more finishing touches we have finished drawing our eye . So what do we learn in this video. Well first we learn there is no formula for drawing us. However there is an order of steps that when followed will help you be successful with your drawing . Secondly we learned that when adding values or shading remember the areas that recede will be darker in areas that protrude will be lighter in value. We also learned to remember the check mark rule when drawing eyelashes you don’t help him make your eyelashes more realistic in the next video we’re going to continue our in-depth look at growing facial features.

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