Drawing the Nose and the Mouth

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Drawing the Nose and the Mouth

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A look at drawing the nose and the mouth.

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Is welcome to the 23rd video and the secret to drawing video course brought to you by the virtue instructor dot com in this video we’re going to continue our look at facial features by taking a look at the nose and the mouth. So let’s go ahead and get started. We’re going to begin with the nose and I’m going to start by just loosely sketching out the bottom portion of the nose at the beginning stages of my drawing. I’m just playing out the shape of the nose. I’m using several lines to do this. They’re all very light lines though once I have an idea of where my nose is going to be in the overall shape of the nose I can begin to define the nostril. Now everybody’s nose is different so you have to look at the lines that exist on the nose that you’re drawing. But usually there are four distinct lines that can be picked out to draw the nose you can see the first line that I’ve drawn here which would be the inside portion of the nostril and then the second line which would be the outside portion of the nostril. Then I’ll repeat the same thing on the opposite side. Keeping in mind that no one is actually perfectly symmetrical so it’s ok if your lines are slightly different . Now that we’ve got our four lines drawn we can start to add value. In fact the rest of our drawing is going to be about value. Remember value the darkness or lightness of a color. Since we’re using graphite here we’re going to adjust the darks and lights that we put on our paper to create the illusion of the form of the nose. A good thing to keep in mind that in order to create the illusion of an object protruding in this case our nose. Those areas are typically lighter areas that recede are typically darker because less light can get to them. So any areas that we want to make reseeding we’re going to make Darger in value in any areas we want to make look like they’re protruding. We’re going make them lighter in value. And of course we need to be thinking about our light source as well. In this case my light sources come in from the upper left hand corner that meets most of the darker values her shading is going to occur on the left side of the nose or just underneath the nose now even though the light sources come in from the left side doesn’t mean that we need to neglect the shading that’s going to happen on the left side. There still needs to be some darker values added to the left side again to create the illusion of form . I’ll continue adding value. Each side of the bridge the as you can see by making it darker is creating the illusion that the nose is protruding out. They also need to be some value added to the orbital recesses then or near the eyes. This will gradually enhance the contrast and value slowly making areas darker. Remember it’s always easier to make an area darker if you’re using a dark material on a light surface than it is to go back and make areas lighter. Now with a softer graphite pencil I’ll go back and make some areas even darker I’ll also go back and add a few marks to create the illusion of imperfections on the nose. This will add to the relistening of the drawing I can erase a few stray marks that may remain now my nose is complete. Now we’re ready to move on to the mouth. I’ll begin by drawing a line that indicates where the top lip and the bottom lip meet. For most people this line will resemble a mashed him . In this case the mouth I’m drawing has slightly turned corners once I’ve defined this line I can begin to draw a line to indicate where the top lip ends. This line may be an exaggerated version of the first line that you drew . Remember here again that no one is perfectly symmetrical so imperfections are welcome once we have to find the top live we can begin to work on the bottom line. In this case I’ll start from the middle and work my way to the edges. For most people the bottom lip is going to be slightly bit thicker than the top lip . Now I’ll draw a cross contour lines radiating from the center line. These lines are a little small cracks imperfections on the lips as we get closer to the center. The lines will go more up and down. It’s important to add a few areas of value in between these lines to make the lips look more realistic . I’ll continue with this pattern all the way across the lips since our light sources come in from the upper left hand corner the upper right hand corner of the lips will be slightly darker. Now I’ll continue to the bottom lips an hour Pete some of the patterning that I created on the top lips in most situations the upper lip is going to be darker in value more so than the bottom left. Keep that in mind when you’re adding value and shading to the bottom lip. You don’t want to get carried away and have to go back and make your top lip considerably darker . Be sure that the cross contour lines that you put on your lips do curve a little bit with the contours of the lips. If these lines become too vertical then the illusion of form that you’re creating on your lips will be lost . Next we can address the value around the outside portion of the lips. Will begin with the area right underneath the nose and above the mouth which is the trim. Since our light source come in from the upper left hand corner we’ll start adding value on the upper left hand corner of the filter. It will begin dark and slowly get light as it is its way across the upper legs will continue to add shading and value all around the outside portion of the lips. Remember that the light source is coming from the left side so on the right side of our mouth the upper portion will have slightly bit more value or darker values just like we did with the nose will slowly build up the values progressively letting them get darker in here again we can go back with the softer graphite and enhance some of the darker values . Creating this contrast makes our lips look more realistic just beyond the outside portion of our lives. The value becomes lighter will enhance this by erasing the area out around the outside portion of our lips . Now we can carefully go back and clean up the areas around the field Trump were erased . Now we’ve had a look at how to draw the nose and the mouth in the next video we’ll take a look at the ears and the hair

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