Are you sleeping, Brother John? part one.

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Are you sleeping, Brother John? part one.

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Our next song you the canon Canons are very cool little music games where a tune is composed in such a way that each part of it matches the harmony and fits with the other parts so they can be played at the same time. That makes it possible that one player starts at the beginning and another one or more start after some time a few measures later. It has to be a preset duration and they all play at the same time even though they played different parts of the tune because they started at a different time. It all fits together and you can still recognize it’s the same melody it usually sounds like the second voice is chasing the first one. So here it is. I have a jacket or are you sleeping brother John. Let’s look at the form of this song. It is different from all the other tunes we played so far. In a way that it has for slightly different sections each of them repeated twice. So in order to learn it we need to practice all of these little sections separately until we are comfortable with each of them. Here is the first section. So here we play three notes. D D and F sharp and then D again. Repeat this twice. Let’s play them together quickly go over the checkpoints poster biol in position Beauford that right arm is at the level of district. And here we go. The second section has another three notes F sharp G and A. It also presents a very good opportunity to practice our forefinger like this as he put the forefinger down. Make sure that the position of the arm allows the little finger to only go down and get to its place with no additional stretching. Let’s do it together.

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