Merrily we roll along, part one.

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Merrily we roll along, part one.

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Our next song is Merrily We Roll Along. Let me play fever’s A. The first few notes of the song are the same as the notes in hot cross buns f shirt C D. But we don’t stay on D as we did there. We immediately go back to Afshar let’s do just this part together a few times. Get ready. Check your posture. The position of the violin. The bow hole. Find the second high finger on the string. And here we go. When you get back to the second finger make sure you keep the first finger on the string because this is the next note. We are going to play ok. The Lexow is the the first finger on the string. Let’s add it to the notes we already play. The next notes deserve special attention so we’ll practice them a few times separately. They are second finger F sharp and forefinger a remember what we said about the forefinger it’s the V.I.P of our left hand fingers everything in the left arm should be arranged around with the idea to make it easier to press the string. We want to make sure that the position of the elbow is such that the forefinger is always right about its place and all we need to do is rub the finger down with no additional stretching and adjusting. Here it is. See how even while I play the second finger I start preparing the forefinger to go down that street to get a when you pull the forefinger down don’t lift. The second one because that’s the next note we go into play. And you want the second finger on the string ready to play. That’s one of my top. All right. Let’s do a whole first line of the tune. We start on the second finger. Check your posture while in position both hole and here we go.

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