Jingle Bells, part three.

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Jingle Bells, part three.

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Very good. Now let’s do the whole first line again. Each time before we start playing we do a quick check well-balanced posture. Violin on the shoulder jaw on the chin rest the weight of the hand to the last cohort some bant and fingers slightly curved little finger on top of the stick. Very good. The next two measures are exact repetition is the beginning. Let’s see where it turns in a new direction. This D this third finger on a string is the note that leads the tune to a new direction. But in order to remember it we have to connected to the previous few notes so little practice starting at the beginning of the measure. When we get to the forefinger for the last measure check if it’s at the correct position and if it feels that you need to stretch the forefinger to go to the right place move the whole arm slightly forward and keep it there extending. Now for the first and the second fingers back very good. Now let’s go back to the beginning and do the whole verse check you post your file position BODH find the dean string and let’s go.

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