Long, long ago.

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Long, long ago.

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Our next song is long long ago and this song we will learn in a slightly different way. I will talk very little. And instead I’m going to demonstrate more and we will have more play a long time if this feels more useful and more productive. Please write me a short comment and let me know so I can create the next practice sessions in this fashion. In any case we have to look at how this song works before we start learning it. Long long ago uses the same form as the one we saw in Twinkle twinkle little star the beginning and the end of the song are the same. And the second part of the tune comes as the middle section here you can see very clearly All right we start with the first measure. Quick reminder about the checkpoints posture violin position and bar hold. Take a moment to check on these before each repetition. So you make sure you’re not only learning the song but also creating good habits gain poacher biol in position and bold.

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