Jingle Bells, part two.

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Jingle Bells, part two.

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The third measure is the same music as the first two but a whole step higher. We start on the first finger on the string the note the and the second note you play is the second low finger on a string the notes C. If you have a sticker with the position of the fingers you can easily see where the second low finger should go. If you don’t just put the second finger right next to it first. So here’s the first finger on the string. Here is the second low finger on hey. And now the moment we introduce the second Bowfinger we need to be aware that it will switch very often between the high position and the lower position. For example the C on a string will be a second low finger and just a few notes later the sharp on the string will be a second high. Than a few notes later when you play the C again the second half the second finger has to go back to the lower position. Make sure you’re making a very good distinction between the high and the low position. So the notes are in tune third measure Checky poacher. File in position hold. We start on the first finger on D then hold the. All right let’s go to the fourth measure pay attention for the second low finger here. There will be a lot of space between the third and the second finger and this space comes from the sideways motion of the fingers all the way from the rest. If you think of separating the fingers right at the tip it will be very hard to do. But if you think of engaging the whole length of the fingers all the way from the rest then it will be much easier. Very good. Now let’s do that third and the fourth measures check your posture violent position your jaw rests on the chin rest very relaxed. Hold and let’s play.

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