Jingle Bells, part four.

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Jingle Bells, part four.

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Very. Now let’s look at the second. The refrain here are the first two measures of the main challenge here are the two notes we play with the same finger on two different strengths. In this case the third finger in the second measure there are three main ways of doing this. The first and the most obvious is to lift the finger between the notes and move it to the other string. However with this option there is always a little clipping of the sound between the notes. The second one is to put the finger right in the middle between the strings and to press both strings almost as guitarist will do. This option works better for people with bigger hands and bigger fingers the third option and the one I recommend using is to put the finger somewhere between the strings and change the weight of the finger first to A and then to the string. This way you won’t be lifting the finger to get to the new string but will still be pressing only one string at a time. Very good. Here are the second couple of measures check your posture filing position bow and let’s play very gay. Now let’s play the whole first line of the refrain. Very good. Now let’s look at the ending and find the place where the morality turns to a different direction. This is where we need to remember the morality goes into a different direction. We should start thinking about it as early as the beginning of the previous measure. Let’s play it together. Now let’s play the whole refrain together. Make sure you anticipate which ending we are going to play the first time it continues going down the second time he jumps up. Check your posture. Filing position board. Let’s go.

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