Merrily we roll along, part two.

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Merrily we roll along, part two.

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The second part of the tune is almost the same with just a different ending. See as I said all the popular tunes are based on repetition. So let’s play just a part. That’s the same. What’s the one note that is new. Hi it’s this F sharp that made the turn to a different direction. After that let’s play together. Quick check of your posture balance position ball and let’s go. Very good. So let’s add the ending. Now let’s go to the beginning and play the whole chain. Pay special attention to the two places where the melody goes two different directions. All right. Let’s check if everything is in good shape before we start. So posture in position Beauford find the second finger on the string and Hyuga a very good let’s do it one more time just slightly faster. Excellent. And one more time even faster. Very good. If there are any places that you’re still hesitating go back and practice one more time with the step by step video. That’s what’s really good about it. You can go back to a specific point and practice it a few times and then move back to the end and play the whole tune. When you feel comfortable with the left hand move your whole attention to the bow. Make sure you keep the same sounding point that the thumb is bent and the fingers are nice and curved and that you’re controlling the three part motion in. Experiment playing the song on each string and have fun with it. This is really why we practice. So at the end we can play music and enjoy.

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