Are you sleeping, Brother John? part two.

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Are you sleeping, Brother John? part two.

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The third pattern moves faster than the others it is in eighth notes whereas the others are in quarter and half it’s. Here are a couple of tips that will make learning this part a little easier. Think of the first three notes as one group and the second three notes as another like that’s first group all the notes on a string. And second group all the notes on destroying. Next try putting down both third and second fingers together like this. And lastly start preparing the third finger while you’re still playing the open string before that. And when I say prepare the finger I mean just start bringing it closer to the place it’s going to press the string like that’s. Now let’s play this together. We’ll start with adding a short pause between the grips and as we repeated it will start less and less. So it will sound like that’s was all right. Let’s do it together. Now with less pause and now with no pause very good in the last section we’re going to use the forefinger on the G-string. So this will be a good checkpoint to see if the hand is at the correct position. Oh so I’m sure at this point some of you ask the question why should I use the forefinger. Can I just use the open string. Well in this particular situation you can certainly do this but there are many instances when you will have to use the forefinger. No other option available. And you want to teach your little finger to be ready for that. In general the rule for using the forefinger is if the next note is on the same string. We use the forefinger and that way avoid the string crossings or if after that we continue on the next string we play open string. So let’s do it together chokepoints posture and alignment biling position rotation of the left arm evenly distributed between all the joints and position in a way that the left finger is just above the place that should be pressing bow arm at the level of G-string. And here we go. Very good. If you need more time to learn some of the sections a little better. Just repeat this step by step videos. Now we’ll play the whole song each time a little faster. Check your posture violin Beauford find that disturbing. Let’s go excellent. Very good. I hope you had fun with this nice little tune if you got this far you’re ready to play this as a real cannon. One option is that you start first and I start when you get to the third measure as soon as your party’s over and go back to the beginning and repeat it again. If everything is correct I should finish two measures after you do. Follow the blue marker on the screen. Get ready. You’ll start first.

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