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Ok, quick status update from Midtown High

of course you know me, Peter Parker,

AKA, the spectacular web-ball of incredible-ness, known as Spider-Man.

My life was turned upside down when the super spy Nick Fury of s h e l d told me if I wanted to be the ultimate amazing me…

I would have to school a bunch of new guys… them… yeah.

Fury stuffed them in my school, so not only do I have to navigate all the high-school usuals Let’s explore, shall we?

I like to call this table, the Silver Surfers.

Cool, but distant.






Hulks, they smash stuff.

Luckily, there is one happy place where I don’t have to deal with…


At my table?

With MJ and Harry,

my best friends?

Who seem totally ok that you’re here?

  • Check it.

  • Sam is also known as Nova, the human rocket.

I made an excat mashed potato replica of Principle Coulson.

And the potato sculpture.

Hallway, now!

  • What’s your damage, Parker?

  • The table.

Peter Parker’s table

and Peter’s friends,

I don’t wanna mix my chocolate with my peanut butter, get it?

  • I’m allergic to peanuts.

  • Look, you guys are cool and all in your own special ways I guess.

But Spiderman does Fury’s super group thing out there.

In here, it’s my time, my rules.

You know, words are coming out of your mouth, but I stoped caring… like yesterday You are just mad coz Fury made me leader of the team I am not mad, because

there is no leader.

But if there was, he wouldn’t be a pyjama wearing webhead.

I have a better idea.

You can settle it in detention.

Detention? Principle Coulson, I’ve never had detention before in my life!

My aunt is gonna kill me.

Then she’s gonna bring me back as a zombie and kill me again.

Good job with the role play you guys, that was perfect.

Ooh, this was just to get us all together for a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. thing.

  • Ooh, I taught it was serious.

  • Define “serious”.

No. No. No.


This I like.

Move your webs.

I had this knot in my

back, and those dumb pointy things on your helmet

are just the right shape.


Where are we?

Atention, all S.H.I.E.L.D personnel prepare to surface.

The Helicarrier!

I love this job!

I don’t know what your problem is webs, but if you wanna throw down, let’s get it over with.

In a feisty mood?


The court is precisely where you’ll train to focus that aggression.


like B-Ball court?

Court, like you come here to be judged…


Should’ve called it the bathroom.

I just wet my shorts.

Bet your web-shooters I can take down more drones than you can.

First to 10 kabooms wins.


They’re so stupid.

  • In your Face!

  • In your face!

Gentlemen! The object

of this excercise was

to cross the room without setting off any traps.

He said that?

When did he say that?

Just cross the room without setting off any traps… bla, bla, bla…

Oh! My oops.

I was going to send

you into the field today but until you start working together, you are grounded.

That’s not fair!

It was dork 1 and dork 2.

You’re gonna clean up your mess.

As a team!

I got the ceiling.

Be the best hero you can be, work with professionals…

I’m pushing a broom thanks to you two.

A tornado becomes a gentle breeze, only as the temperatures cool down.

He does that.

Let’s just finish so we can prove what we got to Fury.

You guys are the newbs, I’ve been catching baddies for over a year.

Check it out:

Batroc, Melter, Toad, Whirlwind, The Frightful Four,

and that counts all four.

That’s it!

Spider-man you’re a geniYou gave me and idea.

S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most wanted.

We bring in someone from this list…

  • Instant respect.

  • Right.

Let’s make sure it’s someone we can handle.

  • Ah! Lady Porcupine.

  • Yawn.

Nova, you take that one.

Bring some bandages, pal.

As if.

I’m aiming higher.

Like top of the list.

Let’s get him! Dr. Doom.

There’s no way Nova

no brains really thinks he can take down S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most wanted criminal.

I don’t really follow the news by I think Doom is…

like an evil king or mayor or something…

Even Sam gotta admit chasing him would be insane.

So now I just sit back and let logic works its sweet magic.

Last one to Latveria

licks Fury’s eye patch!

It’s called impulse control, Nova, look it up.

Who knows how to fly this thing?

I wanna conserve some

energy for the beatdown.


Found the auto-pilot.

This is the part where I do something responsible.

Doom might actually be a big deal.

I should be the bigger man and call it off.

In maybe next life.

Don’t worry guys, I got this.

  • We’re gonna just let him get this - It depends…

are we a group of solo acts, or just a group?

Turn off the testosterone. We are not going to fly to Latveria and attack Dr. Doom.

You’re right. That would be insane.

Can you talk some sense in the helmet here?

Uh finally, someone is using their head.

I hate you all.

  • You have no clue what you’re doing, right?

  • Looking for tunes.

  • Music sooth the savage teens.

  • Awesome.

Hey Power-Man, how’s…


Working on a battle plan that’sll actually help us pull this of?

A B Calculus.

If I’m stuck with a bunch of goons on a grudge match, I’m finishing my homework first.

It’ not a grudge match.

MJ, glad you called.

Detention? That was okay.

Parker only cried a little bit.

Latveria in 3 minutes.

See you down there.

For Clean up.

Maybe this has gone too far.


This is Latveria?

Hum looks… peaceful.

Doubt it, the guy’s number one for a reason.

Do we have a plan?

I was gonna go to the castle and say: “Cup cake grams”.

  • Everyone loves cupcakes.

  • You’re an idiot.


Would that be doom’s day?

Those ain’t fireworks.

Bring it on, doctor Dodo.

There is nothing you can build I can’t break.

Trespassing on the sovereign ground of Latveria is punishableThree days to retirement…

Thanks for taking care of the light work.

Pros will handle it from here.


That’s some spidey sense.

Look upon me and tremble. For my face is the last thing you shall ever see.

I am Doom.

Dr. Doom… I presume?

Heh, rhyme.

You dare attack Doom and sovereign Ground?

Okay, I’ll say it.

We’re doomed.

Yeah, I went there.

Time out.

Let’ see what we’re up against, shall we?

Vision power gauntlets, vibranium re-enforced armor.

Lasers at the wazoo.

Nuclear powered wazoo with that.

Hence the Doom part. I don’t think he’s a real “turn your head and cough” doctor.

Okay, so you can shoot bolts, we’re impressed.

  • But! Can you surrender quietly?

  • You’re not right in the head.

Team, run S.H.I.E.L.D. manoeuvre Dugan 12.

Two hit low, three hit high?

Why didn’t you say so?



Yeah, like you’re landing “le coup de grâce”, whatever that means.


Stupidest boys ever!

As a boy, I second that.

Get out!

I did it! Woohoo I rock.

What? I do.

First one home with Dr Dork, gets dinner with Fury.

So… how is your day, Nicholas?

Doom demands a banana split.

Oh hush you.

Open it or I’ll…!


Come on!

It’s not fair!

Web head!

Coulson, you have any idea where our teenage heroes and trainees are?

Sir, I’m in the middle of a crisis the school’s budget is a mess.

I’m trimming the fat.

No more doors on boys bathroom stalls, rougher toilet paper…

Hey, maybe S.H.I.E.L.D. can donate…

Good God,

Coulson gone native.

Some people are just not meant for the high pressure world of school administration.

While others are keenly suited for the butt kicking around the globe departement.

I caught him! It was me!

Totally my idea!

Should’ve done that an hour ago.

Where have you maniacs been?

Nicky boy, we’re ready for the “advanced class”.

So to prove it,

we got you a present.

Wanted for rocket D D, armor, and a green cape in the 21st century, You know him, you loath him…

The looney from Latveria, tada.

He is so loving us right now.

Except you, Nova.

You kids… captured the most dangerous man on the planet?

You don’t have to thank me, but I would accept a jetpack.

You didn’t catch Doom, you walked him right into my Helicarrier.

Correction, Director Fury, they walked a Mark VI holdament chasis into you Helicarrier.

I’m guessing that’s not a new washing machine?

Did anyone else see this playing out differently?

Like with me getting a Jetpack?

I did.

Doombots, scatter and destroy!

What pressure Nick.

I got this.

I got this!

Isn’t “We” in their vocabularies?

Guys, stick together.

All units, converge on the power core.

We’re in it deep.

They’re splitting up to do the most damage.

We need to corall them.

I’m the fastest. I’ll get them all if bug brain does not blow it again.

  • I blew it? This is all- SHUT-UP

You both started this.

  • Be fair, we did go along.

  • Not now, Fist.

Destruction to enemies of the almighty Doom.

We’re all to blame, mostly Nova, but don’t worry, I got the experience I’ll fix…

  • Aww jeez. Hello?

  • Hey, Pete.

  • Any chance you’re still with Sam?

  • MJ. Busy. Later.

  • I don’t know what you have against Sam but…

  • Not now, MJ.

They took out one of the engines.

We’re losing stability.

We’re losing more than that.

One of those Doombots is in the fusion reactor chamber.

It won’t matter if we keep it afloat, if that thing hits the core we going nuclear.

Some hero I am.

Trying to prove something to Nova of all people, Now New-York is gonna be the big apple fritter unless…

  • Nova, I have plan!

  • I’m not taking orders from you.

I’m not giving order, bucket head.

We have to act like team mates now or everything goes boom!.

If you can stabilize the Helicarrier engine…

  • While you hog all the glory?

  • I’m not hogging anything You are the only guy who can fly and maybe keep us airborne.

It’s a little thing I call “working together”.

And that’s wunderground…

Guys, I’m digging deep in the S.H.I.E.L.D. play book pull a code 46 triple wendy with extra sauce.

  • You are just saying words.

  • Yes, but I have a plan.

Tiger, how close can you get us to the reactor?

The reactor is in secto 12, Q-3…

it’s below us.

Since you actually know that, tell us where we should meet.

Follow my coordinates.

Stand still.

Behold the might of Doom!

  • Let’s trade

  • Sweet!

Doom will have vengeance.

Still waiting for the plan.

  • Straight down, think you can handle it?

  • I’m not paying for it.

Free falling through the Helicarrier with five killer robots is a plan?

  • Half a plan?

  • Next stop, power core.

That thing cannot get through.

Power Man, now!

What’ve you guys been eating?

  • That actually worked.

  • Are you done patting yourselves on the back?

Regards from Victor von Doom.

I’m coming guys!


Finish him webs!

Didn’t know you can absorb energy.

  • Neither did I.

  • Wow, you rock, dude.

You too.

Well, less than me.

Peter Parker,

do not hang up on me!

I need to talk to Sam.

I have his homework.

Here chief.

Have a party.

If you ever pull a stunt like that again, I will personally…

bla, bla, bla…

This goes on for like five minutes, so let’s check me rocking a jetpack again.

Does the word sorry help?

Maybe we’re really sorry…

No. Whoever started all this, step forward, you’re off the team.

That’s my cue.

I messed up today, big time.

It was me, sir.

  • It was me.

  • No, it was us.

Wow… they… they…



Never again…


Okay, that was cool guys.

But if anyone says group hug I’ll cry.

What about study group hug?

You have to make up the school work you missed today.

Now I am gonna cry.

I did my homework.

Director Fury, I need the full power of S.H.I.E.L.D’s legal team stat.

We need to limit how much actual meat you need to legally call something meatloaf.

  • We can save the budget, man.

  • Coulson, we need to talk priorities.

All in all I’d say that worked up pretty well.

Children. Let it be known that the eye of the all powerful Doom has fallen upon you this day.

Ive scanned your every strength, every weakness.

Cross my path again, and suffer unspeakable consequences.

You okay?

You… look scared.

That’s just coz… I was!

Yeah, little bit.

At least it’s over.

We’re just gonna let him honk us like that?

To the transport!

  • I’ll get him.

  • We will get him.


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