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The exclusive interview is conducted for daily Bugle Communications by rookie reporter Mary Jane Watson…

Mary Jane.

By Mary Watson.

By Jane Watson.

By MJ Wat…


I think I’ll just stick with Mary Jane Watson.

[MJ] So, Peter Parker, what does the man

on the street think?

What’s to think? Heh, you’re interviewing Spider-Man?

Spidey would have to be a bigger fan of yours than I am.

I believe you, MJ.

That’s awesome.

But how did you get Spider-Man to agree to an interview?

[MJ] I can’t reveal my sources, Harry.

Yeah, Parker.

How did she get it?

[Spider-Man] So how long have you wanted to be a reporter?

Uh, forever. But I don’t know why I’m answering your questions.

You’re the one who agreed to be interviewed.

My audience wants to know.

Why now? Why me?

It’s important for your friendly neighborhood superhero to know the top media movers and shakers.

Speaking of which…


[breathless] That was amazing.

  • It was like…

  • Flying?

[MJ] Your voice sounds familiar, but I can’t quite place it.

Are you a public figure in real life?

[disguised voice]

This is my real life.

[MJ] You know it’s not much of a story if you won’t answer my questions.

Any chance you’ll give me the ultimate scoop and unmask?



[MJ] Cute.

But winning The Bugle’s “You are the News” contest could be a huge break for me, so thanks.

Hey, there’s something in it for me, too…

…finally getting an unbiased source to prove I’m not the menace some people claim I am.

…and that’s why I’m turning my airwaves over to you, Manhattan! You find the proof.

You bring me the video that will lock this spider-threat up once and for all!

You are the news!

Three words:

nose hair trimmer.


You don’t think I’m a menace, do you?

[MJ] Uh, Spider-Man?

What? Am I lit badly?

Because my spidey-sense is really pinging now.



[MJ] Spider-Man.

This is Mary Jane Watson with the exclusive breaking news for The Bugle.

Manhattan has just been attacked by…


…the Hulk?

[static hisses]

[static hisses]




Hold on!

Keep me in focus, would you?

This is good stuff here.

It’s the Hulk. The Hulk is a massive man monster of mayhem.

Hulk? Here? In Manhattan?




This is the scoop of the century.

And it’s mine.

Uh, first of all,

I’m pretty sure I’m your scoop of the century.

Second of all, you want a story?

Stay up here, stay safe and stay alive to report it.

The Hulk is attacking midtown, viewers.

So that’s where I’m taking you now.



Miss, you dropped this when you ducked for cover.

[roar in distance] By the by, you should clear out.

They’re saying there’s a monster on the loose.

Although what passes for a monster these days, is sad…

[MJ] Look out, mister.

Look out! Look out!

…the auto show of ‘65.

Now that was a monster.



It’s way too early for lunch.

And hot dogs? You wanna spoil your Hulkish figure?


[all scream]

[MJ] Some call Spider-Man a menace, but what we’re seeing here today is a hero that just saved innocent people from a real monster!

How do you find

the courage to do your job?

Me? A wiseman once told me, with great power

comes great… uh-oh.


Uh, hold that thought.


I’ll hold that car.

Then again, why bother if greeny can just catch it with his teeth?


Can I borrow this for a cutaway?


Now that might have looked like mayhem, but keeping Newton’s third law in mind, - [MJ] Spider-Man?

  • I planned for the equal and opposite reaction.

Whoa, dude!


Lucky this camera doesn’t have smell-o-vision.

Hulk not fighting bug man.

Bug man better get out of Hulk’s way.

[heaving breathing] Bug man?

Now that’s just insulting.

Spiders are not bugs.

Hulk no like paparazzi!



This is the scene in midtown.

The Hulk is on a rampage.

Spider-Man is taking a beating.

Spider-Man, are you okay?

[weak groan]


Never better.

Gotta let them think they beat you.

Then when their guard is down, you go back in. Make sure you get plenty of footage showing how non-menacing I am.



[groaning continues] Uh…



You can edit that out, right?



Bug man turn on light or Hulk will smash!


Hulk start to hate bug man as much as energy man.

Energy man?

Who’s energy man?


[MJ screams]

[static hisses]

I think I just

saw something weird.

[MJ] Giant green man in purple pants trashing the city?

Yeah, I saw that too.

No, I mean really weird.

Play that back for me in slo-mo.

[Spider-Man] That car broke apart before it hit the building.

Hulk is right.

Crazy, but right.

The Hulk said “energy man”.

He meant invisible energy man.

So assuming Hulk is fighting someone or something, I can’t see, how do I see it?

I have an idea.

  • [MJ] Night vision mode.

  • Night vision? I got that.



It’s picking up something.

I can’t tell what, but it looks big.


Oh, that energy man.

[MJ] Uh-oh.




[static hisses]

This is Mary Jane Watson reporting.

A massive energy creature is attacking New York.

Our only hope is the Hulk and Spider-Man.

Looks to bug man like invisible energy man is the baddie, and “green man” is the misunderstood menace.

Happens a lot around here.

It probably wouldn’t work to tell you to stay here.

[MJ] Probably not.

Then stay low.

[static hisses]

Tell your men to pull back.

You’re not safe.

We’re trying to protect New York from threats like the big green guy and you.


We’re not the problem here.


[cop] Sure, yeah.

I can tell by the way you’re wrecking the place.

Hulk is trying to protect us all from a giant invisible energy monster.

Sounds really ridiculous out loud, doesn’t it?

Sorry, spider.

I’m a Jameson fan.

I could save the city.

But no one will listen to a menace.

Thanks, Jameson.

  • Lock and load, boys!

  • Leave Hulk alone!

You’ve got it wrong.

He’s not aiming at you.


Mary Jane!

Fall back!

As you can plainly see, the streets of midtown are in chaos.

And while I’m not exactly cool with that, we’re staying live.

The police are firing at Hulk, even as Spider-Man tries to convince them that the real menace here is an unseen energy creature.

I appear to be

the only reporter on the scene.

Maybe the only one dumb enough to be here, mere inches from a confrontation that can only be described as…



[MJ] Officer? Officer?

Spider-Man is right! Look.

[electrical hiss]

Why energy man here?

Hulk hate getting zzaxxed!

Stop or Hulk make you stop forever!

Did I hear someone say Spider-Man is right?

Thank you.


“Watts” gotten into you Hulk?

Come on, get it? Watts?

As in electricity?

Forget it. We better get to a safe place.

[MJ screams]

Hang on tight and hold on to your lunch.

[MJ gasps]

[static hisses]

How are you not scared out of your mind?


I didn’t say I wasn’t.

This is completely scary.

But that doesn’t change what needs to be done.

MJ, move!


[static hisses]

  • [MJ] We need help.

  • Help? Me?

I’m Spider-Man.

Just a minute.


Director Fury, it’s Spider-Man.

I need help.

Send SHIELD backup.

[Fury] Nice to hear you admit it. But we’re all hands against a destroyer class threat in Jersey.

You can’t just let Jersey go?

Look, it’s not the Hulk.

It’s really an energy beast.

Wrapping up and heading over.

I’m on it web-head.

If you’re on it, then get here ten minutes ago. Fury? Fury?

See, that’s the problem with tech… it fails.

Luckily, spidey-sense runs on renewable bio power.

And mine is telling me I’ve to get these two guys out of the city.

Time for a different approach.





Look! Hulk! Buddy!

I know you really like smashing it.

  • Hulk smash.

  • Yeah, I got that. It’s your thing.

So, you and I should work together because I like smashing too.

Check this out.

Bug man smash wall next.

You know what, let’s work together at smashing energy man toward the water.

You know, the river?

That way?

Hulk happy smashing energy man.

Hulk, no. The other way!

The river!

Hulk smash the other way.

Let’s go, MJ.

[MJ] Oh, no.

I dropped my camera.


I got it.

Time for some fixed position work.

[MJ] Water!

Yeah, I’m trying

to get him to the river.

No, water.

If you’re watching this at home, water plus electricity equals…

[sizzling sound]

Pretty good, huh?


You can edit that out, right?


Hulk sweat and steam, not a good combo.

  • Hulk not like surprise shower.

  • Or any shower, I’m guessing.

Hulk like bug man.

Bug man smash good.

Coming from the master, that means a lot.


  • [MJ] Spidey-sense tingling?

  • No.

But sometimes that feels just as weird.

It can’t have been that easy, right?

And how does uncontained energy exist on its own?

And wouldn’t it need some sort of conduction, not to mention a power supply?


Where did it go?

Energy doesn’t just disappear.

They said that in science class.

Whatever that thing is, if it came here to feed, then this city is an all-you-can-eat buffet.

[static hisses]

You should go back up.

Creepy abandoned subway station, usually creepy for a reason.

[MJ] Is it getting darker in here?


Who knew night vision is actually a useful option?

Please tell me that’s the 6 train.

You need to go back up, Mary Jane. Now.


[painful cry]

[static hisses]

Let him go!

Might be a bigger scoop than either of us planned.



Your exclusive’s turned out pretty…

  • …shocking, huh?

  • [MJ] Really? Right now?

Sorry. The puns get weak when I’m nearly electrocuted.

Go! I’m right behind you.


  • [Spider-Man] Here, catch.

  • Huh?

  • Sorry, MJ.

  • Spider-Man!

[Hulk roars]

This is Mary Jane Watson.

Spider-Man, Hulk, and the creature are barricaded in a subway station.

Sounds of conflict and…

all sounds have stopped.


I think we got him.

[MJ] Mr. Hulk…

…would you mind answering some…

some questions?


My viewers are curious.

Do you have a message for the people of New York?

Or the world?

Hulk not do interviews now.

[Fury] Attention, Hulk.

Put up your hands and surrender.

You’re under arrest for the destruction of New York City.

To our sensitive viewers out there, this is about to get super ugly.

[static hisses]


SHIELD has just arrived and declared an all-out war on Hulk.

Where does this leave the energy creature? Or Spider-Man? Or…

[Spider-Man] Guys, no! Stop!

Hulk is a good guy!

He’s trying to stop the real menace!



Pull back! Pull back!

I was getting

good footage down there.

Way too dangerous.

How’s the zoom on that?

Better than your landing but…

But nothing.

Zoom in and stay put.



You need to stand down.

Hulk not need bug man’s help.

I thought we were smash buddies.

Remember all that smashing?

Let me talk to Nick Fury.

I’ll take that as a no.


That can’t be good.

The helicarrier!

It’s… it’s coming down!

Hulk look out!


Hulk I’m right behind you!


[static hisses]

Spider-Man, that energy thing, it’s… it’s…


In the helicarrier.


[MJ screams]

[MJ] Spider-Man, I’ve kind of used up my courage.

What should I do now?

Be brave and keep filming.

Hulk, I want you to hit it hard and don’t stop.

Hulk like to hit hard.

It’s going to be okay.

Hulk hitting it ain’t gonna work, kid.

Turn that off.

[static hisses]

Fury, I’m on it, okay?

That’s not my plan.



This will work.

When we were underground, the creature took on too much power,

and temporarily surged out, so I’m going to force feed it until it pops for good.

Hope you’re right.

  • Otherwise you’re a…

  • I know.

  • A menace.

  • [soldier] No cameras.

[static hisses]


Hey, stop her!


[both] Ah!

I really, really, really hope this works.

Here you go, sparky!

[low growl]

Why is energy man growing?

More to smash, Hulk.

More to smash.

Well, that’s just perfect.

Ready to hear plan B, Einstein.

We need more power.


cell phone, flashlight.

Just a few more watts will do it, I’m certain.

You heard the man.




Everything’s dead, kid…

…including us.


Everything except this.

My camera battery

still has a charge in it.

Mary Jane, the contest, you can’t.

How can I not?

Time for your close up.

[static hisses]

[electronic sound] Mary Jane, no.

Mary Jane!

No, no, no, no,

no, no, no, no!





I hear something.

Mary Jane.

[Fury] Hulk.

  • Come out with your hands up.

  • He’s not a threat.

He helped defeat the real monster and saved this girl.

He’s a hero. Let him go.

[sirens approaching] [gun clicks]

Humans! Stupid!

Except for bug man.

Bug man good smasher.

Bummed about losing your camera?

Sure, but the greater good, right?

There’ll be other contests.

Maybe you won’t have to wait for them. I needed the camera’s power.

But I managed to pull this first.

  • The memory card?

  • Only slightly charred.

You aren’t worried about how Jameson might use this?

I am, but I trust you.

I’m a big fan.

  • I won’t let you down.

  • I know you won’t.

[MJ] Saving civilians, fighting monsters, allying the rampaging Hulk, it’s all in a day’s work for Spider-Man, Manhattan’s hero.

For The Bugle,

this is MJ Watson.

I can’t believe you didn’t win.

Can’t win if you don’t enter.

Jameson would never have let the world see Spider-Man for the hero he really is.

How many hits has it gotten on your site so far?

Including this one?


Not exactly media saturation.

[knocking on door] MJ Watson? Her folks said she was here.

Signature required.

Did I miss your birthday again?

It’s a new camera

from The Daily Bugle.

Saw your footage, Watson.

There might be a place for you with The Bugle, if you send your work to me before you post it next time.

He has a heart.

Who knew?

Never judge a book by its billboard.

Or a superhero by his mask.

Spider-Man really came through for me today.

I just wish he would have let me see who he really is.

Now that would have been a scoop.

Maybe you’ll get another chance to find out, someday.

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