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دانلود اپلیکیشن «زوم»

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Po, you’re next.

Huh, oh yes… sorry.

Ha, I was uh, working on my, uh–


So uh, what are we doing?

You are demonstrating your new skills with the Tri Bow Yao.

The Tri Bow Yao!

Whoa, this thing is cool.

Sounds like you haven’t practiced.

Napping takes practice.

Hmph. Proceed.

But what’s the point if I didn’t practice?







Ooh! Eeh! Woo!


That is the point. Consequences.

Panda, discipline is crucial to kung fu mastery.

You haven’t practiced the Tri Bow Yao.

You haven’t studied the meditation scrolls.

And I’m assuming

you haven’t raked the peach blossoms?

Uh, define “rake”.

To rake things in a raking motion.

With a rake.

Oh, then… no.

Rules, chores, training.

Shifu needs to relax.

This disciplinary disciplining is disciplannoying.

Unlikeabannoying and–

Oh hey!


Whoa! Oogway?

Is it really you?

It is I, and I am me.

But you– you turned into blossoms and blew away.

Yes, but I have returned to the jade palace

because I’m needed.

That is awesome!

Needed for what?

To help Shifu?

No, to help you.

Me? Why me and why now?

And where have you been and where’d you go?

And what’s it like being a ghost?

And why can’t candy be for dinner?

I shall answer all your questions

after you prepare for the attack.

Yeah but- wait, what attack?




Wha! Ha! Hoo!


No, no, no, no, no!



That was a close one.

If you hadn’t warned me

that they were sneaking up, they…

might have… beaten me.

Oogway? There you are.

Are you doing that spooky, cool

disappear reappear thingie?

Well, I was trying to.

Now, listen…

Ready, master.




Great timing as always, po.

Shifu, I met a ghost.

And he’s awesome and he wants me to help and–

Po, slow down.


Oogway’s back. I met Oogway’s ghost.


Po, that’s crazy talk.

And I should know. I’m fluent.

  • True.
  • It’s not crazy!

He’s back and he wants to help me.

Help you? Help you with what?

Training, dragon warrioring.

That kinda thing.

He said I needed proper guidance.

This– this is wonderful news.

You must bring us to him immediately.

Uh, well, uh I’d love to, but, uh, actually–

Yes, what?

He wants me to come to the peach tree?

Uh, no. No.

He uh, kinda sort of said that uh

he only wants to talk to me.

You? But I was…


Uh, yes, well, uh, of course.

He must have his reasons.

Did he say anything else?

Uh, no, not really. I should go actually.

He said there’s no time to waste.

Oh, then, you should go.

Uh, sorry, master Shifu.

Nonsense. Master Oogway knows best.

Never forget that, any of you.

I… should review my scrolls.

So, uh, should I start with my kicks?

That’s what Shifu has me working on.

Kicks are important, but they are also unimportant.

Oh, don’t only train.

The body is like a windmill.

Right and the wind is the thing with the arms that…

Yeah, I get it… sort of.

A restful spirit leads to a restful mind.

And a restful mind leads to a restful body.


Take a load off.

Oh, but Shifu says–

Shifu say, Shifu doesn’t say.

Po, share your new wisdom with others.

Change is coming.

Have a peach.

You’re the boss.

Ah, panda, there you are.

I was going to ask you–

  • Oh I’d uh, love to.
  • Good.

  • But I can’t.
  • What’s that?

I’m uh, supposed to train

with master Oogway again.

Of course, I understand.

Uh, perhaps I could accompany–

Sorry, master Shifu.

No need to be sorry.

The wishes of master Oogway should be respected.

Even if–

Even if what?

I just– I don’t understand–

Did he say why you?

I don’t know.

You mean “why me” like why would Oogway talk to someone like me?

Yes. Uh, no, I just–

I mean, I’ve been here many years,

  • And very qualified to–
  • Huh.

Oogway said you’d say that.

He also told me if it had been up to you,

I would never have been chosen as the Dragon Warrior.

He chose me.

Yes, he did, quite right. And he knows what’s best.

Oogway says you gotta calm down.

You know, don’t worry about– hey, Shifu.

Don’t worry about being lazy.



This doesn’t look like weapons training.

It’s not.

Oogway says I owe it to everyone

to share my wisdom with them.

Unh! Thanks.


And what’s that?

Oogway says this gives me a better aura.

Not sure what that is, but I know I want a good one.

Tigress, what are you doing?

Master Oogway knows best.

That’s what you said.

Yes, but Po, the Five need training and combat.

Not aimless lounging.

Do you understand your master?

I understand Oogway, your master.

I wouldn’t expect you to understand

Oogway’s cryptic wisdom.

Try me.

The road to the mountaintop does not travel downhill.

Yes, but one cannot fall from the mountaintop

with one’s feet and backside on the ground.

Of the forest. Ground.

The path of the lazy man leads

to the land of the ample stomach.

The true seer needs not walk to find followers.

The followers find him.

By following the leader of the followers that they find!

Snakes of–uh, rodents don’t eat far from their, uh–

A stitch in time saves nine… lives.

Eenie meenie–no. The road to–I mean the–

Hickory dickory dock– gah!

Shifu is too uptight to accept that Oogway doesn’t need him!

And Po is…

Po is a…



I’ll be in the village.

Uh, we’re low on supplies.

Since when does Shifu do the shopping?


The seeds of discontent have been sown.


This is going to be better than I could have imagined.

Uptight, me?

Uptight? Bah!

That’s ridiculous.

  • Shifu, I–
  • What?!

Master Shifu?

Yes. How may I be of service?

I have a problem with my meditation.

Ah, meditation requires–

Do you think you could get me in to see Po?

Master Oogway, I’m overjoyed to hear of your return.

If I’ve in some way upset you…

Are you there?

Master, why is this happening?

Is my time at the jade palace over?

Master Oogway?


Heh. Guy could get used to this.

Po, Shifu’s gone!

What? Gone?

Like gone?

Like goney gone gone gone?

Yes, he left the jade palace.

What should we do?

You’re asking me–

Uh yes, I mean, you are.

But, wait, uh…

he’s gone gone gone gone gone gone?

  • Yes.
  • No!

Uh, okay, what should we do?

Uh, yeah, uh what should we–

Uh, yeah, what should we do?

Uh, let me, let me–

Let me talk to Oogway!

Relax. Shifu has left for a reason.

I told you change was coming.

It is your time, Po.

My time?

To lead. To be responsible

For running the jade palace.

You do not need to worry.

I’ll stay with you.

And tell you everything you need to do.

You can start by moving into Shifu’s room.


Po, take your rightful place as leader.

Yes, master Oogway.

What a nitwit.

With Shifu gone and me pulling the strings

of my little puppet Po,

I’ll finally rule the jade palace.

Am I really gonna…



What’s this?

I got rid of Shifu and the panda?

Too good.





Shifu– Hmm?


Po, so nice to see you.

Really, I– really?


I’ve realized how right you were.

I was too uptight, but I’m happy now.

I am but a humble musician.

Who enjoys his leisure times.

Free of responsibility.

Uh, Shifu, I–

I’ve even written a song that has only one note.

Nice… song.

But I don’t think I am right.

As in, I know I’m not.

I was wrong to doubt you.

I was all excited to do what I want all the time.

And you got what you wanted.

But if Shifu’s gone

does that make Po our master?

He is the one that Oogway chose to lead us.

It means we listen to him.

It also means we don’t get up at dawn anymore.

When do we get to see Oogway.

Sooner than you think.


So glad to see you all together.

It will make things so much easier.

Shifu, I didn’t mean for you to leave.

Even though Oogway says I’m awesome, I’m not sure–

Oogway said awesome?

Uh, yeah.


Ah! I’ve written another song.

Look, Oogway says he’ll tell me what to do,

but I can’t lead. It’s too much.

I need your help…


Good luck with that.

It’s time for my nap.

Ah, another thing I learned from you.

What… what?


I’m sure it will work out.

You chose this path, Po.

And I chose mine.

Shifu? Shifu!


Ah! What’s going on?

What is this?

It’s called consequences.



Po, it’s–

Leave them alone.


No, you fool.

Not Oogway.


New and rightful master of the jade palace.

Junjie! Shifu is master here.

Was, but it seems you drove him away.

Destroy that fool!

I beat these guys before. I can do it again.



  • You can do this, Po!
  • Don’t give up.

Oof! Unh! Ugh!

  • You can’t do this, Po!
  • Give up!

Thanks for the vote of confidence, guys.

Wha! Ahh!

Ooh! Ahh! Yah!

I may not have Shifu’s help,

but I’ve got something that you guys don’t got.

The Tri Bow Yao.

A masterpiece of bamboo, steel and iron!

A furious fighting implement,

now in the hands of the Dragon Warrior!

Behold it’s–wah!


My consequences.

Get him now!

Ugh! You don’t deserve to rule

in the jade palace, Junjie!

It’s you who can’t rule, panda!

No kidding.

But I’m not a disgrace to the name of Oogway.

Luckily, he’s not here to see this.

But I am.


Let him through, you idiots!

Most sincere and regretful apologies, master.


This is such an honor, your magnificence.

I’m here to restore order to the jade palace.

You have shown passion for your goal, Junjie.

And so, I present you with this!




Ooh, ahh, but…

Oogway, I should be here.

Shifu deserted his post,

he refuses even to defend this place.




How did you–

Junjie and I studied together, Po.

We know a lot of the same tricks.

Like this one?










Oof! Hiyah!

I’m your master now!

Agh! Oof!

Yeah! Oof!

Ah, I should have listened to you, Shifu.

I thought I was following Oogway.

I understand, Po.

I miss him more than anyone.

But how’d you know it wasn’t the real Oogway?

Oogway would do many mysterious things, Po.

But I’m sure he would never say… “awesome”.


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