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♪ Hear the legends of the Kung Fu Panda! ♪

♪ Doo-doo-doo-doo doo-bom doo boom-boom! ♪

♪ Raised in a noodle shop ♪

♪ never seeking glory or fame ♪

♪ he climbed the mountain top ♪

♪ and earned the Dragon Warrior name. ♪

♪ Hu ! Ah! Ya! ♪

♪ Kung Fu Panda! ♪

♪ Doo-doo-doo-doo- sho-bom, doom-doom-doom! ♪

♪ Master Shifu saw the warrior blossom ♪

♪ and master the skills of bodacious and awesome ♪

♪ Kung Fu Panda. ♪

♪ Doo-doo-doo-doo- doom-doom-doom-doom! ♪

♪ He lives, he trains ♪

♪ he fights with the Furious Five ♪

♪ protect the valley somethin’ somethin’ ♪

♪ somethin’ somethin’ alive ♪

♪ Oh! Ah! Uh! ♪

♪ Kung Fu Panda ♪

♪ Legends of Awesomeness. ♪


Come on, you guys. We gotta hurry!

Everybody packed and ready? Good!

Let’s get a move on!

Oops. Sorry, Tigress!

Easy, Tigress! Po is just excited.

Let’s go, we gonna be late

for levitation Kung-Fu demo.

You can beat me up later, Tigress. Make it a point.

Oh, it’s going in a book…

This levitation Kung Fu demonstration is gonna be so awesome!

Oh! Someone who can do Kung-Fu and fly? Amazing!

Now remember. If this guy levitates and I passed out,


Po! I need your help!

Oh! But, Dad!

I’m about to go see Kung-Fu master, who can fly!

It’s urgent!

Urgent? Really?

Oh, okey. But quick. Let’s go!

I… I’ll catch you up later, guys! And save some awesome for me!

The Furious Five are leaving?

This makes my task very easy.

I will take out Shifu.

Then I’ll finally get the hose and helmet of “The Invincible Thunder Kick”!

The Dragon Warrior is here! Ready for action, so …

What is it? What’s the emergency?

It’s Mahjong.

I don’t get it. Mahjong?

We need a fourth!

That’s the emergency?

I was gonna see flying mixed up with punching!

That’s the coolest combination of things possible…

except for… maybe cookies and pudding.

Maybe you did not hear me.

This is Mahjong, son. Mahjong!

And really, really old people…

You know, even if you whisper it, it’s still disrespectful.

And surely this is not too big a favor for your lonely old father,

who worked tripple shifts, so put you thru school!

  • But I didn’t go to school.
  • Another disappointment.

Fine! But a quick game

than I can still see that flying Kung-Fu guy.

I’ll go first. All right! Your turn, Mrs. Gao.

No, not that one.

Not that one.

I don’t know.

Yes! This one!

No. This is it!


Ok. Done!

Great! Your turn.

Little help there…

we just gonna get that piece down…

Now fingers off… Let it go…

Fingers off…

Where is the toilet?

Ha! At last!

The helmet of “The Invincible Thunder Kick” will be mine.

I will have the most powerful kick of all!

I will finally be able to crush

that stupid panda, who humiliated me!


Tell me where the helmet of “The Invincible Thunder Kick” is!

That’s not going to happen.

Get him! But keep him alive!

You cheated me with a trap!



Tell me where you’re hiding the helmet and I’ll go easy on you!

You can fight soldiers, but you can’t fight iron!

Mr. Yuang, it’s your turn.


Save some for later, do you hear?

You are spoiling me, really.

Okay! Let’s put up the pace, people,

I’ve got some airborn annihilating I gotta see.

It’s called “Mahjong” not “Mah … long time”.

Let’s go! Come on!

It’s your turn, Dad. Dad?

Whoa! This game is hiding of something fairs.

This aint for no sunday players.

  • Candy, Po?
  • Oh, always …

Forget it! We’re wasting time.

Oh great! Nice job. You win!

Okay, gotta go!

No, no, no! That’s not right.

Mahjong is no fun without four.

I promise I’ll play again. When I’m eighty.

Right now I’ve got some cool new stuff to do.

Just because something is new, doesn’t make it better!

I think it does!

What? That’s weird.

It’s coming from Jade palace!

Shifu, I have enough of this foolery.


Where is the helmet hidden?

Let Shifu go!

Or you’ll be pulling pain out of places, you never do you had.

It’s the Dragon Warrior! Stop him!


Well, well, well! Look who’s crolling back.

Flyboy, that’s who!?

I knew you would be back. Mahjong is in your blood, now.

No, Jade palace …

Shifu… trouble …

Oh, Son! Are you okay?

Oh, I gotta think! I’m in a mess here.

I can’t fight them all by myself! I need the Furious Five.

They won’t be back for days. I need a plan.

Maybe we can help.

It’s not a Mahjong tournament, dad.

Temutai is gonna destroy Shifu, if I can’t free him!

This is big time! Kung Fu master time!

I can get Kung Fu masters.

You can? How? Who? Where?

“Gao of the hundred stars”, and “Yuan, the musical archer”!

Master Gao and master Yuan?

Those guys were awesome like a … million years ago.

They fought in the battle against two thousand scorpions.

Actually, you forgot the guys clustered along the trees.

Yes, indeed, must be closer to three thousand.

It hardly seems fair.

Gao, had like hundred stars.

And Yuan was a musical archer.

Whoa. But, where are they?

Are they behind that pathetical people, or …

Do not judge a book by its cover, Po.

But, that’s them?

These guys are those guys?

Ms. Gao, you were like a star-throwing machine!

Mr. Yuan, I heard you could control arrows with your mind!

And I can bend noodles to my will! I will come, too!

No, Dad. It’s too dangerous.

Why? Why? Because they’re old?

They can’t attack it?

They’re still good, son.

Ms. Gao, show us your throwing stars.

I have them right here in my throwing-star bag.

So, it’s teeth, so what?

Mr. Yuang here can still hit

a flat tire from 100 yards with that bow of his.

Luckily. I always have it with me.

Ok. I know, this is gonna sound bad, but …

I mean …

You guys were awesome!

Then, many many years went by, and …

Well, don’t get me wrong, you’re still awesome, but …

you… you gonna get hurt or worse!

  • No…
  • Don’t be ridiculous!

That’s crazy talk!

But, Ms. Gao, you were born the year, they invented rope!

And Mr. Yuan is older than you!

Po, that was rude! I taught you better than that.

Boy’s got a mouth in him.

I am the Dragon Warrior, I’ll handle this on my own.

Shifu! Are you okey?

Forget about me, get “the Thunder Kick” helmet before Temutai!

No, I gotta get you out!

The roof is gonna cave in!

You’ve gotta get that helmet before he does!

If Temutai has it, there is no force in a valley that would stop him!

Yes! I’m close, I can feel it!

Hurry, the helmet is downstairs.

Four doors past the dungeon.


We have a dungeon?

  • Get going!
  • That panda!


Oh, we’re down with hiding.

I guess, we’ll have to move on with kicking butt portion!

Oh, I guess we’re doing the impossible odd things, now.

Good choice!

Oh! You’re making a colossal mistake!

‘Cause every moment now, I will be joined by the return of the Furious Five!

Where is the toilet?

Or them…

Guys, go back! You’ll get hurt. 3 14,48,100

Don’t be ridiculous.

I still got…

It seems like now …

I’m going to pass out.

Hi, son!

You’re Ping’s kid. Right?

So you gonna fight with us, huh?

Oh, don’t hurt me with your teeth…

Watch out! Maybe she may knit me a sweater.


Wow! I didn’t even know, that was a thing!

Don’t smile at him, you’re old.

Old people can’t smile. It’s right, Po?

We can’t do anything.

Dad, can we discuss this later?

We’ve got company!

I need to get in there and stop Temutai.

Can you guys cover me?

You do what you need to do, Po! We’ll tide up here.

  • Panda!
  • I’m working on it!

Too late, Panda!

At last, it is I who’ll humiliate you!

The helmet will be mine!

Wow, you’re so dramatic! You don’t have to shout everything.

I shall defeat you!

Seriously, can you not talk like a normal person?

So many helmets. Which one?

That must be it! The fanciest one!

With this helmet I would have the power of “the Invincible Thunder Kick”!

No! That’s the “Monkey-chicken dance” helmet!

I might have to take that one home …


That must have been “Your worst enemy” helmet!

That wasn’t me!

That helmet has to be here!

Goodbye, Panda.

Wait a minute…

Don’t judge a book by its cover!

It’s “Thunder Kick” time!

Crush him!

What helmet is this?

That’s “Your worst enemy” helmet!

Bye, bye.


Shifu! Stand back!


What are you doing?

Putting my robe back on. It’s hot in here.


Thank you, Po, you saved the valley.

You couldn’t carry that helmet in and then put it on?

Hey, guys.

Yeah, look I kind of owe you an apology

about that stuff I said about you’re being old.

“Old as rope”, if I remember correctly.

You know, “rope”, that thing that is a very useful and helpful.


And “rope” has got its feelings hurt, when you said that.

  • Oh, what does that mean?
  • I am the rope.

Yeah, I’m really sorry about that.

That was wrong of me.

But we need a fourth.

Mahjong? Anyone?

It’s my turn.

Take your time, Mrs. Gao. No rush.

Hey, you gotta try all this levitation Kung-Fu, Po!

Get over yourselves.

Po, don’t you wanna go learn fly with your friends?

I am right where I wanna be, Dad.

This is Mahjong. Mahjong!

Ha, deal with that! Hey, no cheating, Mrs. Gao.

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