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  • Po.
  • What?

You need to practice your Tai Chi for the closing ceremony.


Sorry about that.

Your crown for the Peace jubilee,

Dragon warrior.

The olive branch crown. For me!

I get to wear the crown. Yay, me!

Check out the jaunty angle. Hah hah hah–


This is the Peace jubilee,

not the attack Zeng with a flute jubilee.

My wife will do that later.

Just trying to stay ready in case Temutai

tries to squish my head.

Nonsense, hostilities are strictly forbidden

during the Peace jubilee,

Even with the warriors of the Qidan.

They are our guests.

Wait, Po’s wearing the olive branch crown?


Traditionally, one of the Furious five

does the unification ceremony.

Come on, Tigress.

The jubilee needs some new blood.

You know, a fresh face.

The new guy to… show that the Jade palace

is looking toward the future… plus–

I get to wear the crown!

Po’s right.

I am?

Am I missing something?

No, because it also means

he’ll have to judge the children’s kung fu matches.

Right. All you, buddy.

Uh, thanks?

Presenting the warrior king of the Qidan.



Let me… catch my breath.

Dragon warrior. Shifu.

Thank you for accepting our offering of peace on this day.

I have only one thing to say

about this so-called Peace jubilee.

Are these crowns awesome or what?!

I know, right?

Have you tried it at a jaunty angle?

Living it.

Oh, a jaunty angle and a jaunty …

It’s time to head down to the village.

Wait. We have to walk down?

Thank you, citizens.

I now declare this Peace jubilee open!

And to start the festivities,

the annual children’s kung fu matches.

Let the first match begin!

Cool! What’s everyone so down on this for?

Oh, right.

Yay, that’s my boy!


Po, Temutai.

Right, uh, I mean, you guys are awesome.

Oh, it’s gonna be real tough to pick a winner.

  • Real tough.
  • Wait.

I have one more competitor.

My little nephew, Jing Mei!

Ready uncle.

Your “little” nephew?

You should see his sister.

Okay, so I guess we should match him up with–

Yeah, uh, looks like we–

Get that guy Peng from the next valley.

Peng can fight him. Peng can beat him.

Me? No, no lam, not me.

Well, if you put it that way…


What’s your name, son?

Peng… The name is Peng.

Are you sure about this?

I am, Dragon warrior.

Okay, good luck then. You’re gonna need it.

Fighters, begin!

Wa hoo!

The winner is Peng.

I knew I should have brought your sister!

Did you see that?

I saw it. Did you see it?

He’s amazing. He’s–he’s–he’s–he–ha…

H-h-h-hold on there, genius.

That was some awesome kung fu.

Where did you train?

Nowhere. I have no formal training.

Except in pottery.

No formal–

You totally have to train with us at the Jade palace.


I mean, I’m kind of on a journey, but–

Yeah, a journey to the Jade palace.


Oh, please, please can we keep him?

Can we keep him, please?

  • He’s even pottery-trained.
  • Nonsense!

A warrior such as this needs to train with us in the Qidan.

Peng here needs to learn to do things the right way

at the Jade palace.

Sure, if he wants to be a do-nothing

who postures and poses!


I’ll show you nothing!

You dare to poke the warrior king of the Qidan

with your finger?!

If I done did it, I done dared it.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not part of the Peace jubilee.

You have challenged me. For this you will pay!


Ooh–wha… ?

Gentlemen, please, this is the Peace jubilee.

  • Sorry.
  • Sorry.

  • I’m sorry.
  • Sorry!

  • Sorry, everybody.
  • Our bad.

  • I’m sorry.
  • Our bad.

Please, I’m not worthy to be fought over.

But if I have to choose one…

I choose to train at the Jade palace.

  • In your face–
  • Po!

Uh, is a look of wonder and beauty.

I will be in my tent!

Didn’t hurt.

Ouchie mama!

You are gonna love the Jade palace, Peng.

I never dreamed that when I stopped here

for the Peace jubilee that I would end up

training with you, Dragon warrior.

It’s–it’s amazing.

Please, a kid with your skills?

You were all like…

You work hard, Peng, and one day

you might even join the Furious five.

Which would make six. Or with me, seven.

Never could figure that one out.

O-or maybe become Dragon warrior.

Well that’s sort of a universe-choosey thing.

So unless you’ve got some sort of pull with the universe…

You don’t, do you?

  • There he is!
  • That’s him, that’s him!

I get this a lot.

Hey guys, you enjoy the–

Could we have your autograph, Peng?

Oh, come on. Naw, not me.

Go on, it’s okay. Enjoy it.

I know I do. Anybody? I’m right here.

I’m available for a couple minutes.

I can… sign for you. My hand works!

It’s great, I’m… right– you got a picture?

And this is where the magic happens.

Nice job today, kid.

Wanna take the training hall for a spin?

Really? I-I mean could I?

I-I don’t know if I can–

Go ahead.

Easy, sport, it’s a wee bit tougher than it looks.

Probably wanna start where I did over h–

That was amazing!

Oh, I’ll say.

I mean, you got the hang of that a lot faster than, uh…

Some guys… I’ve heard of in… song.

  • Excellent job.
  • Kid, you’ve got a future.

Seriously, listen to the Monkey.

Po! Come quickly!

Uh, Zeng, what is it?

An emergency that only the Dragon warrior

and not some young new guy can handle?

Uh, no, actually, uh–

You’re right.

I’m being silly. I mean, it was my idea

for Peng to train at the Jade palace.

Well, there’s a–

Big deal if people think he’s cool.

I mean, doesn’t mean he’s gonna swoop in

and replace me or anything.

Uh, I suppose.

Of course he’s not. Thanks, Zeng.

Sometimes a panda just has to vent.

Uh, you’re late for the jubilee feast.

The jubilee feast! I completely forgot.

My crown! Good talk, buddy.

Without my sparkling Dragon warrior banter,

these feasts can be so…


  • Dad?
  • Shh! Quiet, Po.

And finally,

he took the pots and said, I never even wanted the lids.

It’s funny because it’s true!

Ha. What, uh… Hey, what’s–what’s so funny?

I was a little late, so I missed the–

And you–you really did that thing with your foot?

Hey, uh, what foot thing?

Huh, I–I like foot stories.

I like to talk about feet.

Tell me!

Uh, tell me how you’re all enjoying the feast.

It’s great, grab a seat.

Oh, sorry Dragon warrior. I’m in your chair.

Oh, nonsense, Po doesn’t mind finding another seat.

Do you, Po?

Uh, well, I… I guess not.

Uh, Peng, Peng! Do your Po impression again.

Oh, I don’t know.

No. Really. I’d… love to see it.

It’s more of a tribute, really.


The awesome power of the Dragon– are those dumplings?

He got you there, huh, son?

Ha. That’s. Funny.

Everyone likes Peng better than me.

He even made Tigress laugh. I didn’t know she did that.

Relax, Po.

You’re still… the Dragon warrior.

Peng is just passing through.

We’re no match for them.

We need the Dragon warrior.

  • Shaka–
  • Booie!

Wait, what am I supposed to do?


No, I won’t let him.

Master Shifu.

Oh, Po, there you are.

I need to talk to you about something.

Yeah, but I–

I’ve been thinking about what you said.

  • You mean no pants fridays?
  • No.

But all you said about a fresh face and the new guy.

About showing everyone that the Jade palace

is looking to the future– quite profound.

Well, in a pinch, I can go profound.

That’s why I think the closing ceremony Tai Chi

should be performed by Peng.

  • Peng?
  • He’s quite special.

  • Peng?
  • Then we’re agreed.

  • Peng?
  • I’ll take him the crown.

  • You didn’t give it to me.
  • Oh… sorry.


Uh, you know what? I’ll give it to Peng.

I mean, after all, it was my brilliant idea

to bring him here, right?

Good, be quick. The ceremony is tonight.

You can count on me.

Thanks so much. It’s for my mother.

Your moms huh? You want me to–

Greetings, Dragon warrior.

Hey, I’ve got some news from Shifu.



  • Is something wrong?
  • Yes?

Y–yeah, yeah you have to go.

What? This–this is your desire?

Uh, yeah, yeah–well no.

Not–not me, uh, Shifu.

Yeah, you’re just not making the cut and he, not me, uh thinks

it would be better if you just left.

I-I-I’m hurt.

Wow, right, I mean, tough… tough break.

They–Shifu–they’re tough around–

But I thought…

This is–I can’t believe that you invited me here,

and now you say I’m not good enough?!


I’ll prove to Shifu he’s wrong!

He’s wrong!

  • Wait, no, no, Peng!
  • You’ll see.

  • Peng, Peng!
  • You’ll all see!

So, Peng, are you…

Where’s Peng?

Uh, he said, uh, odd, uh, no thanks.

  • What? Really?
  • Yeah, can you believe it?

He admitted he was just using us to get famous so he left.

Using us? Using us? Hmm.

I guess it was too much to ask him to be so skilled

and to be honest and pure of heart.

Like you, Dragon warrior.

Oh, man!

What did I– I gotta find Peng.

Temutai, Temutai, that is–

What are you doing here?

They threw me out of the Jade palace.

They think I’m not strong enough.

And I’m here to show them they’re wrong!

Yes, by training with me!

No, by showing them that I can destroy you!

That’s… different!

After I defeat you,

Shifu will see what real strength is!

Perhaps you could just do some bench presses!

Uncle have you seen my–

  • Nope, not in here.
  • I never liked that kid!

Now you will– Why?!

Dragon warrior?

You? Are defending me?

Yeah. Weird, huh?

Out of my way so I can finish him!

No, Peng, stop.

I’ve practiced my kung fu with no expectations,

no plans, no dreams…

until you gave me one!

And then, Shifu snatched it away!

You okay?

No, I’m not and it’s your fault!

Wait, are you and you after him and him, or me?

  • Yes!
  • Yes!

Welcome to the closing ceremony of this jubilee

in celebration of peace.

Wa ta!

Quickly, help Po!

None shall disturb king Temutai

while he vanquishes your Dragon warrior.

Ya ha hoo!

Hopefully no one will disturb us while we vanquish you.


Wait, no, Peng, stop!

No, no, no.

Stop it!

Peng, you don’t understand.

Understand what?

I lied, Peng. Shifu didn’t want you gone.

  • I did.
  • What?

W-what are you saying?

It’s just that all of a sudden,

everyone was like, “dig Peng”.

And then you got all liking it and I was jealous and mad,

and I… I wanted to wear this stupid crown.

Listen, the thing of it is, um, uh,

everybody having a good time?

Get on with it!

Look, this isn’t “the Po’s a whiny baby underpants

and somebody’s cooler than him” jubilee.

It’s the Peace jubilee.

Peng… I’m sorry.

And so am I.

I apologize for my anger, Dragon warrior.

I like the jaunty angle! J-jaunty angle.

Well, this is certainly one Peace jubilee

we won’t soon forget.

You mean because I almost ruined everything?

  • Yes.
  • Right.

Uh, let’s get this jubilee on the road!

Now, Po, it’s time to do the ceremonial Tai Chi.

Oh, yeah, right. We can do it together.

So, you wanna come back and train with us?

Perhaps when I finish my travels.

I am searching for my uncle.

Really, who’s your uncle?

His name is Tai Lung.

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