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دانلود اپلیکیشن «زوم»

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دانلود اپلیکیشن «زوم»

فایل ویدیویی

متن انگلیسی اپیزود


Here ya go.

I ordered the pan-fried noodles.

And I brought you…Soup!

I can’t get anything right.

Everything I touch turns to garbage.

I’m useless and I’m worthless

and my personal grooming is mediocre at best.


I-I’m sorry.

He’s been like this ever since…

Well, you know…

Of course.

How are the others doing?

You mean the formerly Furious Five?

Come on, it’s my birthday!

Tigress, come on.

The kids.

You cannot defeat me

and my magical talking carrot.

I’m sassy.

Kids, cake!

Birthday parties?

And Shifu,

no one’s seen Shifu for a while now.

Oh, very sad.

So if you could be just a little sensitive

to my son’s situation…

Of course.

No wonder you’re not a Dragon Warrior anymore!

Get out and don’t come back!

Until after lunch. Here’s a coupon.

You were the Dragon Warrior,

You had everything you ever wanted…

And you blew it.



Excellent. When you–

And now, the spin! What?


  • Po!
  • Po?


Not what I–

Po, the pyramid of fortitude is a traditional pose,

representing stability and unity.

It does not spin.

Yeah, but it looks so cool if I–

I don’t care.

The presentation of the seven forms

must be done in the traditional way.

This is important, Po.

The masters of the sacred onyx shaolin

are coming to inspect the jade palace.

I trained with both master Chao and master Jungjie under Oogway.

Chao and Jungjie are coming here?

Two of the greatest kung fu masters of all time!

How well you perform the presentation of the seven forms

will be a reflection of my abilities as a teacher.

I need to make a good impression.

So please, nobody do anything embarrassing,

Stupid, or dangerous.

Yeah, you guys. Be cool.

I mean you, Po.

Don’t ask for autographs,

don’t tell long stories,

don’t offer to show any of your collections…

don’t be Po.

And who should he be?

Oh, my gosh, Chao and Jungjie!

Can I have your autographs?

Can I tell you long stories?

Can I show you my collection of beets shaped like turnips?

Master Chao, master Jungjie,

Please excuse Po.

He’s a little… excitable.

You are the Dragon Warrior?

Yes, and you are master Jungjie!

I’m so excited I could pee.


Hm. You’ve maintained exactly

The level of discipline I would have expected from you.

You can thank me later.

And now, the masters’ ceremonial sparring.

Everyone, back to your quarters.

“Ceremonial sparring”?

It’s ancient, it’s secret,

And I wanna watch!

Really bad. Really, really bad.

Really, really, really, really–


This is private.

Your novice eyes are not ready to see it.

It’s too dangerous.

Ancient, secret and dangerous?

Oh, it’s like you poured awesome sauce

all over a big plate of bodacious!

Oh, don’t listen to Shifu.

He’s always been a stick in the mud.

You are the Dragon Warrior, my friend.

You should see us sparring.

But Shifu said I wasn’t ready.

I’ll tell you what.

I’ll leave that door open a little so you can peek in.


So… awesome.



We are sparring, not fighting.

Shifu is not your enemy.

It’s all right.

I was just a little slow.

Everyone’s a little slow sometimes,

Right, Jungjie?

So much anger.

This is why oogway didn’t pick you to run the jade palace.


Golden lotus clap!

Don’t look!

I-I’m blind!

In my eyes!

I’m blind.

Can’t see.

I’m blind–I don’t– all right.

Okay, I can do this.

Just gotta, you know… Get to know my surroundings.


That’s the tree again.

All right…

All right, who keeps moving the tree?

Ah, all clear.

Jungjie, the golden lotus clap is too dangerous.

You are right as always, master Chao.

I stand in awe of your prudence and sagacity.

We are done here.

It’s time for the presentation of the seven forms.

Shifu, bring them in.

It is time.

What are you doing down there?

Come on.

Wait! I have a little problem.

And I have a little “I don’t care”.

I trust you will be impressed.


Po, now.

What, who?


And a-one-y, and a-two-y…

Po, no!


He must have disobeyed you and watched us spar.

Shifu, fix him.

Golden lotus clap!

I can see!

I can see… angry, angry faces

pointed at me.

Shifu, shaolin is built on discipline,

honor, and tradition.

Here I see none of that.

It’s not Shifu’s fault.

See, I was watching you guys sparring and–

If you disobeyed Shifu, it is his fault.

It means he is unable to maintain discipline.

What do you have to say for yourself?



I am sorry.

As hierarch of the sacred onyx council,

I hereby declare

that Shifu is no longer the master of the jade palace.


You can’t do that!

Silence! You dare address the most venerable master Chao

with such disrespect?

Haven’t I taught you anything?

No, I haven’t.

Master Chao is right,

and I accept his judgment.

No! It’s not true, master Shifu–

It can’t be!

As will you.

Now, do as master Chao and master Jungjie command you.

Do not disgrace me…

any more than I have disgraced myself.

Shifu is gone.

I am placing the jade palace in the hands of master Jungjie.

Uh, but– Po…

I expect you to return the palace to its former glory.

I’ll return it to even greater glory,

As befits you, master Chao.

Henceforth, you are bound by honor

to obey master Jungjie.

I’ll be back to check on your progress.

Good day to you all.

Uh, so, what should we do now?

Get out!


Get out! What?

Your services are no longer required.

Meet the new Furious Five.


Let me know if you need a letter of recommendation.

Come on, guys, we can take ‘em if we all work together.

Didn’t you hear what Shifu said?

He told us to obey master Jungjie.

He’s in charge now.

If we fight him, it’s like

we’re fighting against the jade palace.

It would be the ultimate dishonor.

We’d be left with nothing.

But what are we left with now?

We have our dignity.

You did this, Po.

You disobeyed Shifu and destroyed

what we’ve all devoted our lives to building.

We’re through with you.

But…I’m sorry.


I’m sorry.

Po? Po!

I need you to make a delivery

to the jade palace.

Won’t that be fun?

Very nice.

Really captures my essence.

So the tapestry is approved then?


And the statue?


The topiary bues?


The teapot?


Then there’s only one item left

on your to-do list, master Jungjie.

Destroy Shifu.

I thought I’d never get around to that!

Tomorrow bring Shifu up from the catacombs.

Shifu is still here?

It’s only the noodle shop delivery.

Soon I will be the rightful ruler of this province.

Oh, garlic chow mein.

How was the delivery?


What, no tip?

Jungjie has Shifu and he’s gonna destroy him!

The fiend!

So… no tip?

I-I gotta get the Furious Five back together and rescue him.

Good luck with that.

They’ll listen to me.


You– just–


To me?

You’re right.

They’ll never listen to me.

So I’m just gonna have to do it alone.


Po, it’s impossible.

You can’t beat Jungjie and those five creepy leopard guys!

They are creepy, aren’t they?

And I hear one of them’s a girl,

But which one? Which?

It doesn’t matter.

It matters to her.

No, I mean it doesn’t matter if it’s impossible.

Shifu’s life is at stake.

I have to try!

Oh, hey, Jungjie, I was just, uh…

Picking up some stuff I left here, you know.

I mean, you–you seen a brown duffel bag, kind of looks like–

Enough chit-chat.

I know you’ve got Shifu here

and I’m here to bust him out.

Admirable, since you unwittingly helped me

trick Chao into giving me the jade palace,

not that it’s hard to trick that doddering old fool.

Master Chao!

“That doddering old fool”

has come to check on your progress, Jungjie.

Luckily, I prepared for that.


Master Chao.

Poor panda.

Happy birthday!

Mister Ping?

It’s your birthday?

It’s not me, it’s Po.

Po’s birthday and you hired us?

Kinda weird.

No, it’s Shifu.

Shifu’s birthday was two months ago.

No, Jungjie– Jungjie?

Just let me finish!

Jungjie is holding Shifu prisoner,

and Po went to the jade palace

to rescue him all alone.

You have to help him.

Ha! Help Po?

After what he did?

Are you serious?

Would you mind taking off those ears?

He probably just made that up about Shifu.

I mean, Jungjie is a shaolin master.

Listen to me, limp beak.

My son may be not perfect,

he may be big and loud and clumsy

and annoying and impatient and hot-headed and–

the–where– where am I going with this?

But he’s not a liar.


I say, let’s do this.

Oh, good.

My rescuer is here.

I’m sorry, Shifu.

No, I’m sorry.

I suspected that Jungjie was up to something.

I thought I could handle it myself.

So I pretended to leave,

then returned later to confront him.

Jungjie fought without honor.

I was beaten.

Po, I always faulted you for not following tradition,

for sometimes ignoring the old rules,

But if I had been like you,

maybe we wouldn’t be here.

I think we all learned an important lesson here.

Yes, I suppose we–

Like I learned how to do the golden lotus clap!

You learned the golden lotus clap

After seeing it only once?


Yeah, I’m what they call “gifted”.

You forgot to close your eyes, didn’t you?

I’m also what they call “blinded”.

That came from the catacombs!

We can’t let them escape!

Hello, Jungjie.


I can’t believe it.

Did you actually blind yourself?

Yeah, I like to give things my own personal twist.

You’re an impressive fighter.

You might even stand a chance against me…

if you could see.

But how about if you couldn’t?

Fighting blind…

an interesting challenge.

But I have one big advantage.

What’s that?

I didn’t have garlic chow mein last night.

If I could see you, this would be over in a second.

Oh, it’s over.

Po, it’s Monkey!

Sorry. Blind again.

Wait, you guys came to help?

Your dad talked us into it.

Hey, did you hear? For once, it really isn’t all my fault.

It’s true.

So, you guys smiling or what?

We’re smiling, Po,

Except for tigress.

I am smiling. This is my happy face.

Po, I think Shifu and I have both learned a lesson from you.

Shifu learned something from me?

Sometimes doing the right thing

is more important than following the old rules.

Master Shifu, the way your disciples handled this

has proven to me that the jade palace

could have no better leader than you.

Please, accept my apologies.

Thank you, master Chao.

Jungjie, I am taking you and your creepy leopards

to Chor Ghum prison.

Oh, shrewd and beneficent Chao, most merciful of all the–

So… you learned something from me? Heh heh!

Maybe now I’ll get a little more respect around here.

Oh, of course.

In fact, I now respect you so much

that I won’t insult you by fixing your eyesight.


Wait! Okay, maybe I’m not that wise.

I just—- I mean–

Okay, fine, go on! Yeah, I don’t need your help,

‘cause I can do the golden lotus clap all by myse–

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